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Sardinia was always a magical island to me as a child and to this day I never tire of the beautiful, interesting and slightly curious place that is Sardinia. I love it.Dominic Pintore

Dominic Pintore, your host at Home B&B Alghero

Home Alghero host, Dominic Pintore

Born and raised in Hitchin, Hertfordshire to an English mother and Sardinian father, Dominic spent his childhood travelling back and forth between the Home Counties of England and the Mediterranean paradise of Sardinia.

"My first memories of Sardinia are of my grandmother cooking for the whole family that descended en masse every August. The family table was chaos, with Italian, French, English and German all being spoken - and usually all at once! It was truly special to me to be able to immerse myself every summer in what seemed to be an excitingly exotic Italian culture."

Home B&B Alghero

A born travel enthusiast, Dominic's career developed in hospitality and tourism while working in London and Sydney. In 2004, he decided to return to the island of his childhood memories and headed to Sardinia, where he embarked on an ambitious building project that saw the development of Home B&B Alghero.

Now open for business, Dominic has put his years of experience in the hospitality industry to good use, meticulously planning and developing a unique B&B experience, just outside the city of Alghero.