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Adventure holidays at Home B&B Alghero

If you are looking for adventure there are plenty of options open to you. Our recommendations are as follows:

  • A day aboard the Andre Padre, an old converted fishing trawler which specialises in Dive experiences. You can choose to simply spend the day snorkelling with or without a guide or have a go at scuba diving.

    For experienced divers or those learning to dive the crew of the Andre Padre will take you to the best dive sites on this coast including some stunning under water caves teeming with wildlife.

    On these trips encounters with bottle nose dolphins are not uncommon and you will also be able to see the beautiful red coral for which Alghero is famous in its natural environment.

    Regardless of your itinerary the day includes lunch aboard.


  • Hire a boat from our partners at the Aquatica Marina and discover the coastline of Alghero for yourselves. You can hire for full or half day and no boat license is required.

    This trip allows you to visit some of the bays and smaller beaches inaccessible by land.


  • Visit Neptunes Caves. This fascinating cave network can be visited by land if you take a bus or car to the very tip of Capo Caccia and then descend the 654 steps to the cave entrance at sea level. It is also possible to visit by boat from Alghero or from Cala Dragonara. These trips are well worthwhile as you have the opportunity to view the entire coastline from Alghero to Capo Caccia as well as see the interesting stalactites and stalagmites found in the caves.

  • Learn to sail with Tim Carrington aboard the Lady H. Tim offers day sailing from several marinas on the island or why not consider several days aboard taking in the Archipelago of La Maddalena and a visit to the incredible harbour of Bonifaccio in Corsica.


  • Day cruise aboard La Freccia. Antonio your captain and host will take you on a leisurely trip around the coast dropping anchor in one of the secluded coves of Porto Conte where you will be able to enjoy a swim in the crystal clear water before being served a delicious lunch of Seafood Spaghetti, Mussels,fresh fruit,coffee and a dram of Mirto. On this trip the wine flows freely all day - be warned!