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Le Bombarde Beach

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Le Bombarde

This beach is possibly one of the finest on the island where the sand is pure white and the water turquoise and incredibly clean. The water tends to be slightly cooler here due to the presence of natural spring water which wells up from beneath the sand.

Lazzaretto Cove


This beach follows on from Le Bombarde and is truly picturesque, with the beach being dominated an ancient watch tower dating back to the Spanish period.

At the far end of Lazzaretto beach you will find several beautiful little coves with sandy beaches. Getting there early guarantees you a spot.


This beach encompasses a large stretch of sand which is to be found at the far end of Porto Conte. The views are to die for, with Punta Giglio to your left and Capo Caccia to your right. For those interested in snorkeling here you will be able to see examples of the Nacchera, the largest bi-valve to be found in the Mediterranean, which grow vertically in the sand, and sea grass reaching up to one metre in height.

Porticciolo Beach


This beach is well off the beaten track but is worth the extra effort. Once again dominated by an ancient watch tower this mainly sandy beach is frequented by those in the know.

Maria Pia

A good beach for children, the extremely white sand of this beach is shaded by pine trees at any hour of the day. The beach is rarely exposed to winds and the sea is nearly always calm, while the crystal-clear water is warm in th summer.

Porto Ferro beach

Porto Ferro

Almost 2km of orange sand backed by large dunes, Porto Ferro is another little-frequented beach. It has, in recent years, become popular with naturists. During the winter or on days of particularly strong winds it becomes a haven for surfers and kite surfers. Despite its beauty Porto Ferro is not suitable for bathing during certain conditions due to the strength of under tow created.