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Small, but perfectly preserved, Alghero is wealthy enough to have retained its ancient charm and Sardinian flavour without resorting to the over-development of the island's better-known beach destination, the Costa Smeralda. In its medieval, car-free citadel, traditional bars and restaurants retain that relaxed Mediterranean buzz. Jeroen Bergmans, writing in The Guardian

The historic town of Alghero

Alghero port

Located on the northwest coast of Sardinia, Alghero has become a major holiday destination in recent years and yet still retains its distinctive Catalan character. This derives from the influence of Pedro IV of Aragon who seized control of the town in the mid-fourteenth century and embarked on an intense period of colonization from Spain. Today, Alghero manages to combine its role of tourist centre with that of a thriving harbour. This enables it to maintain a year round economy outside that of the busy summer months.

Alghero is recognized to be the most Italian of the holiday towns in Sardinia with an old town centre on the sea front consisting of a labyrinthine network of narrow lanes, most of which are car free. These play host to numerous hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants that preserve Alghero's reputation for excellent seafood.