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The island of Sardinia

The island of Sardinia

Lost between Europe and Africa and belonging to nowhere. D. H. Lawrence, 1921

The words of D.H.Lawrence perfectly describe the wild and wind swept nature of this Mediterranean island. Fought over for centuries for its strategic position and its rich reserves of natural resources Sardinian history has been defined by conflict and bloodshed. This has given rise to one of Sardinia's more famous maxims: Furat chi de su mar venit (whoever comes by sea comes to steal) indeed due to the frequency of pirate raids from North Africa the coastal population headed inland to the relative safety of the hills leaving the coasts largely uninhabited.

The island has some of the Mediterranean's best beaches - pristine arcs of white sand, lapped by turquoise waters. The interior is equally beautiful, with dense forests, fertile plains and pink granite peaks, and there is some good sightseeing, too. Alexandra Ferguson, The Daily Telegraph

Despite the number of villages to be found on the island the rugged nature of the interior with its poor transport links has created differences in language and tradition even where small distances divide. To this day Sardo with its eleven dialects is the first language of most islanders.

Although Sardinia is an autonomous region of the Italian Republic it remains a unique place. Often reffered to as a continent within a continent for the diversity its provinces. Differences that are not just geographical but also traditional and cultural. The inhabitants are however proud above all to be Sardinian.